We understand that you're not making legal decisions, you’re making business decisions that have legal consequences.

What Makes Us Different

The Enterprise Law Group is different, and here’s how.

First, when you call, you get your attorney. Not a junior attorney, an attorney you don’t know, a paralegal, or a secretary.

Second, when we work for you, we do it efficiently. Unnecessary multi-layered staffing drives up the cost of legal services. We avoid it.

Third, traditional law firm compensation plans typically reward production for the firm (high hourly rates x billable hours), which we believe conflicts with delivering value to you, the client. And we understand that hourly billing can present budgeting challenges for you. Some business owners are comfortable with hourly billing, but many prefer other pricing models, such as a flat fee, a periodic retainer, or a custom approach. We offer a wide array of fee arrangements.

At The Enterprise Law Group, it’s about you, not us.

Fourth, when a matter we’re working on for you is on-going, whether it’s a transaction or a lawsuit, we keep you updated and consult with you regularly. We’re not fans of surprises, and we’re pretty sure that you’re not either.

Fifth, while many attorneys are inherently risk averse – viewing risk as something that should always be avoided – we know from experience that almost any business decision in pursuit of an objective carries some risk, and that businesspeople succeed by taking smart risks. We help you solve problems and capture opportunities by helping you identify and assess risks, identify and evaluate options, and make better informed decisions.