Our Unique Pricing

No surprises on our invoices! If the matter is one in which things can not be known in advance such as litigation, we have contingency budgets discussions with you and submit invoices frequently enough that you’re not hit with a big surprise.

We are not married to fee arrangements based on hourly charges. If other types of fee arrangement make more sense for you, we’re happy to explore that.

Flat Fees

A flat fee is usually used in a transactional matter where there are clearly defined outcomes. Flat fees can be defined for various phases of litigation. We might work your case for a flat fee until an agreed upon event occurs, in the course of litigation. Events like the close of discovery, or summary disposition motions. Flat fees are effective and provide the greatest amount of certainty for all parties involved.


We’ve all heard of retainers. You pay a specified fee, usually monthly for the benefit of the unlimited access to an us and your attorney. We will define the list of services that fall under this retainer, so you have the peace of mind that we’re available for any questions or concerns regarding those areas. A retainer can actually help control costs, the more we are more aware of your what’s going on in your business, and the more advise we can give along the way, the more prepared everyone will be in the event of litigation. 

Blended Rate

For a blended rate we evaluate the rate of each member of our legal group and calculate the average hourly rate and bill that rate across the board. Large law firms benefit the most from this type of rate, because essentially they’re raising the hourly rate of the junior associates doing the work. With our firm, you benefit, because this effectively lowers the rate of our senior partners and we do most of the work.

Reduced Hourly Rate with Kicker

We use this arrangement for specific matters when representing you as a defendant in litigation. In this structure you pay a higher rate depending on how long is takes us to come to a satisfactory resolution. The longer we take to the lower our hourly rate. This means we will be highly motivated to get to deliver a resolution and get you back to growing your business, not paying endless lawyer fees.

We are a perfectly sized, experienced group of attorneys, with a transparent flexible pricing structure, so business owners can invest their time and resources growing their business, not paying large lawyer fees.