Ira L. Blank

Washington University School of Law

Master of Industrial and Labor Relations
Cornell University

B.S., Commerce and Business Administration
University of Alabama


I help business owners and leaders get out of – and avoid – jams with
HR issues.

 My commitments are to:

  • See each problem from your point of view.
  • Develop reactive strategies and actions to solve your problem.
  • Develop proactive strategies and actions to avoid future problems.
  • Understand your level of risk tolerance.
  • Be efficient and cost-effective.

I protect and promote the interests of business owners and leaders by:

  • Guiding them through difficult employee situations.
  • Representing their business in workforce-related litigation, investigations, and audits.
  • Developing and implementing processes, programs, policies, and procedures for each stage of the employee lifecycle –

attraction → recruitment → onboarding → development → retention → separation

  • Managing workforce-related risk, such as legal, compliance, safety, and security risk.
  • Providing business education on workforce-related legal fundamentals.
  • Addressing workforce-related issues in business growth, mergers, sales, acquisitions, and other changes in the business.
  • Managing or avoiding union relationships.

I am a seasoned management-side labor and employment attorney and litigator, with decades of experience as outside labor and employment counsel to businesses, and in-house HR/HR legal service, including service:

  • As the chief human resources officer and human resources counsel of a national privately-owned service business with over 1,400 employees, and
  • As industrial relations manager in two major divisions of a publicly-held unionized basic-industry manufacturing company with $5 billion in annual revenue.
I’m a father, husband, and proud member of the Italia-America Bocce Club. I’m also a serious collector of oldies music (including blues, R&B, rockabilly, teen beat, and doo wop). I enjoy debating the question that music historians argue over: What was the first rock & roll song?