About Us

Principles that drive value…

Keep cost down
Our clients want high quality legal service at an affordable price. That’s why we’ve structured our firm to minimize overhead costs just as you do in your business. Our consortium of attorneys assures you competent, high-quality legal advice from seasoned professionals, without the large firm overhead.

Offer flexible fee structures
As a partner in your business, we want you to call when issues arise and you need legal guidance. Charging an hourly rate based on six-minute increments doesn’t encourage those calls. This type of billing may cause you to take risks that could easily have been avoided. That’s why we have a variety of fee options that are based upon your specific needs. As examples:

  • Fixed fees for transactional work, assessments and ongoing monitoring of your business risk profile, training and other proactive activities.
  • Incentive-based fees for those situations in which we might be able to negotiate a better outcome than you feel that you’re facing.
  • Monthly fees for day-to-day issues and those issues that crop up periodically and you simply want some insight into what’s involved legally and what your options are. Of course there are situations in which an hourly rate makes sense, even then we work with you to craft a fee arrangement that you can feel comfortable with.

Creating positive chemistry between clients and attorneys
One of the primary concerns of any prospective client is the chemistry between them and the attorney they choose. One advantage of The Enterprise Law Group consortium is that while each attorney has his or her own personality, all are committed to our guiding principles. With these principles, and the fact that our attorneys are unencumbered by managing partner mandates, we develop stronger relationships with our clients.

All of our attorneys agree there is a better way to deliver legal services! If the values we espouse resonate with you, it will be a good fit for you.

Offer guarantees
While no one can guarantee the outcome of any particular legal matter, especially in litigation, many firms shift all of the financial risk to their clients by virtue of the hourly fee arrangement. Our approach to working with clients is to share the risk. For example, fixed fee arrangements, or guaranteeing that we will stay within an agreed to process or that we’ll respond within a specified timeframe. Offering guarantees is just another way to demonstrate our true commitment to our clients’ best interest.

Be more accessible
You want your attorney to be available when the need arises. We accommodate this in two ways. First, our proactive orientation is designed to prevent emergencies. We do this by monitoring new legal developments and frequently communicate with you to assure that your policies, practices and procedures are preventative in nature. By reducing the likelihood of emergencies, it allows us to schedule our time more effectively so that we are available should an emergency arise. Second, we’ve created systems that assure a quick response for those rare instances when an emergency does arise.

All of the attorneys at The Enterprise Law Group believe there’s a better way to deliver legal services. Our operating philosophy, guiding principles and the unique structure of our group are all designed to create the right chemistry with our clients and to build long-term mutual relationships. If you’re looking for legal representation, contact us today.